How to play a Sound Cue in a blueprint actor?

I have a door blueprint and i would like it to play different variations of opening/closing sounds (instead of just repeating 1 sound), how do i do that? The only way i know of is to add the sounds to a cue, but i can’t access the cue from the door blueprint, what should i do?

Hey @hillofgold, a simple way to do it without a Cue is to create an array of Sound Waves,
populate half of it with opening sounds and the other half with closing sounds,
then on every Event select a random Array Index from the relevant half, and trigger that sound.
My screenshot Spawns Sound Attached to the door Actor, but you may use Spawn Sound At Location and feed it with the door’s location.
Either way you’ll need to create an Attenuation Settings asset and assign it to those sounds, if you want them to be spatialized, or appear to come from the door.
Hope that helps :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you for this! Sorry for the late reply by the way, i didn’t receive any notification.