How to Play a single frame in AnimGraph

I want to use a simple frame, like we can do in Unity, from AnimGraph, I mean, I can add a float var ,let’s call it frameNumber, i want to use this var as the frame i want to set in my animation for the final animation pose of the animation blueprint of my actor.
I only see Play my_animation node, that only allows me to select the sequence, the bool loop animation, and the play rate, but i can’t modify the frame number of the sequence, how can I do that?

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If you rightclick your animation clip in the animation graph, there’s a menu option to convert to singleframe-something (im at work right now, and can’t remember the excact name). That will convert the node into a different node, where you can supply it with a float that represents the frame to play, which you then can drive from you event graph. Let me know if you figure it out, otherwise i’ll make a post later when i get home.

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Perfect ,thanks @Jonas_Molgaard! :slight_smile:

thank you … : ) ,