How to play a sequence everytime from the start?

Hello together,

I want to play a Movie Scene Sequence every time from the beginning when I am exiting my main menu. But there seems to be a problem. If the sequence is already playing and the player enters and leaves my menu again, the camera is at a slightly different position. I guess it is the case because I am already playing the sequence and when the player leaves the menu he is starting the sequence again and again what leads to slightly different starting positions in my movie sequence.

This is what happens every time the player leaves my main menu:


I play the sequence I created when the main menu was constructed. But for some reason, every time play is executed, the camera starts at a slightly different position. Is there a way to reset the camera position for my sequence before I start playing it back? Because the sequence should always look the same.

Thanks and greetings from Germany!

I found a solution. For everyone who encounters a similar problem, I added a “Set Playback Position” node, which executes every time before my sequence is played again.

Take a look at this picture:


After you inserted the “Set Playback Position” node, before you execute “Play” you can right-click the “Playback Params” pin and chose “Plit Struct Pin”. There you can set things like the “Playback Params Frame” where you can set the timestamp in your sequence, the “Movie Scene Sequence Player” should start to play the sequence. Then, even if the sequence was already playing you can play it again and it will continue to play at the specified timestamp. In my case from the very start, at frame 0,0.