How to play 2 animations with different slots but overlapping bones in AnimBP?

I’ve followed the third person tutorial by Unreal (the one where the yellow mannequin can walk around and punch). I’m working on adding my own things into it.

I’ve made a hand waving animation and would like to have my character play the animation.

I’ve made a new Anim slot, added an extra pin in the Layered blend per bone node and plugged it in, then set Branch Filters to clavicle_r (punching animation used spine_01).

How do I get the two animations to play without causing problems? I tried messing around with the Blend Weight but that didn’t do what I thought it would.

Here’s a short video I recorded to demonstrate the my problem:

It’s not quite clear what you are attempting to do (even with the video).

IF the purpose is to be able to punch left and wave right, I believe you are going about it incorrectly.

First, both your anim slots would have to be linked to the shoulders/clavicle, not spine 01. This already kinda destroys the punching animation which should twist the back, but that’s beside the point.

Second, the montage would have to be setup with the correct slot for each shoulder, and definitely not Spine01 - or else the montage playing the spine will override the shoulder animations.

Hey thanks for helping me again!

My goal is for the guy is to play the punch left and right loop with left click held. Then on right click, play the waving animation.

So the issue right now is the waving animation is overriding the punching montage. Where when the punching montage is played, only the left hand is punching, and the right hand (from clavicle_r forward) remains stationary.

Yea I know haha, I’m just doing this as practice.

So slots simply can’t have overlapping bones? What system would I use if I wanted to play an animation from the spine_01 and up, and another animation from the clavicle_r and up?

you would have to pre-set the blend sequence to override the clavicle after the animation of spine01. So cache the pose, then re-extract and append a different montage slot.
that’ll get both to work even if the base is spine01

Basically use the base way, but duplicate it twice and pipe them in one after the other with the shoulder slot after the spine01 slot. makes sense?