How to pin a widget to a specified location regardless of screen resolution

The red part is simply a photo. I want the skill widget to always fall within the red frame.
How can I freeze widgets regardless of screen size?

I matched the anchor of the red frame with the anchor of the widget, and I simply added a scale box to the widget, but the widget still does not fit into the frame… What did I do wrong?

you can use anchors to pin them to the side and for scaling you can use a scale box

How it works:
Each piece will have an anchor. As an example, if you have 7 buttons and a panel, you’ll have 8 anchors. Now if the 7 buttons are fixed within the panel and not just sitting on top of it, you can use the panel anchor to drag the bottom right anchor petal to the bottom right and top left anchor petal to the top left of the panel.

Direct assistance:
If you click on your red panel (or left pane if the red overlay isn’t top ZOrder), you’ll see the anchors pop up. Drag the bottom right petal of the anchor to the bottom right of the screen. Drag the top left petal of the anchor to the top left of the screen. Doing this will ensure that no matter the size of the screen, that red border panel will always be there on the screen. Next, for each of the skill icons you have, size them and set the anchors’ top left and bottom right petals to the insides of those open spaces.

This should now set your photo overlay to always be the size of the screen and the skills to always fall within those empty slots.