How to pickup actors close one each other?

Hi guys. Trying to figure this out for 2 days now. Im using a sphere collision in my pickups to detect when the player can pickup the objects. The problem is, when i drop two of those pickups one close enouh each other , and i approach with my character, i can only pickup one of em, and i cant no longer pickup the other one until i walk away from the collision box and i walk in again.

The way is setup is, when the player enters the collision box, a variable called “can be picked” is set to true and viceversa.

So, any ideas how to go around this?

Thanks in advance.

I think you are checking collision only once, when ‘Begin Overlap’.

When ‘Begin Overlap’ you should start collision check on Tick Event, and end checking on End Overlap.

usually this can be fixed by using line trace. So you get to object, make line trace from camera to get one you are looking at, then repeat for another one.

Overlap event is bad in this case because its fires once.