How to pick up a rope by the closest joint?

Hey i’m working on my first unreal VR project. Using the VR template, Attachtocomponent etc. is setup but if I try to pick up a rope, with many joints, it attaches to the root of the rope (no matter where I grab).

I can’t figure out how to pickup the closest joint of the rope, is this possible?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

BUMP!!! (If this works that way?) Anyways I would like to know the same thing… How to grab the Tail or Middle or Head of a Snake and have the rest either flop down (or if the snake is halfway in a hole, or his tail under a Tire, have one end stay in place while you pick up the other…? (it’s sad to see unanswered questions at Unreal :frowning: that’s what the Unity forum is like,… THOUSANDS of them though,. )… Something to do with 'live IK" i think,. OR Grab one end of a snake, then whip it around in a circle above your head to build up speed before letting it go in your girlfriends direction, like in real life, (joke…)