How to pick language audio for blueprint actor

For my game I have this option to use two languages. Lets say language A and B.

The player can select the audio he prefers in the game lobby, then the next level will be played. I am aware Unreal has a localization option, I tried to figure this out, but I prefer this method to have more control on the audio files and keep it simple.

My challenge is to make a reference to the audio actors in the levels. When the player activated an audio actor, it needs to know if language A or B is selected in the lobby. Because there are only two languages, I thought using a Boolean variable to use true or false, but making this work seems like a challenge.
My blueprint looks like this:

This first setup is the flag_A actor, I activate this by overlapping the collision box by looking at it in VR. from this point a sound counts and after five seconds the first level will be loaded. In this stage ( red arrow) I like to make a reference to the language in the future game. Any thoughts how to work this out ?

The second setup shows one of the audio actors in the game. It has the same approach to activate it. I look at the marker in game, it activates the trigger and plays the audio. As you can see I’m looking for a solution to pick language A or B.

the third image shows the gameinstance to select true or false for the boolean

The most rough way will be two separated levels for each language, I hope to avoid this option. Right now my setup does not work, if anyone knows what is wrong, let me know :slight_smile: