How to physically drag a player to location rather than teleport?


This may be an unusual concept to ask about, not sure, but:

Im making a sci fi space sim game which is first person and takes place on a spaceship.
I want to make it so that if theres some form of impact that it’d tear a hole in the ship.
Making the mechanics upto that point is fine, im also able to create a triggerbox when that
happens to reset the levels gravity. However i want to be able to have it so that if theres a hole
in the ship the space will try sucking the player out of the ship. So question is how to i drag a player
to a certain locaion rather than simply teleporting?


Hey TheGoldstrum-

You can use a timeline to drive a linear interpolation (LERP) to smoothly update the position of the character from pointA to pointB over the course of the timeline. This will allow the character to appear to move to the new location rather than teleporting there.