How to Peter McKinnon in Unreal Engine 5: Antique Product B-roll Animation in UE5

Real-time product photography/videography rendered and animated in Unreal Engine 5! This was a fully RTX scene, with ray-tracing Global Illumination and RTX reflections used instead of Lumen and Nanite. Rendered on an RTX 3060.

Inspired by Peter Mckinnon’s iconic product photography videos - loved the vibe of those and wondered if I could try it out in UE5 – turns out – you can! As a side note, I am an industrial designer by training – so product renders and animations are pretty familiar territory – but standard product rendering can often have a tendency to be a little bland – orbit shots and exploded views on plain grey/white backgrounds … it can get quite dull. So it’s always nice to throw a bit of spice and style on those when you can…

As a bonus – this was a chance to fine-tune my RTX skills – it’s shocking how close real-time ray tracing has gotten to actual path-traced lighting.

Check out my Artstation (ArtStation - #How to Peter McKinnon in Unreal Engine 5: Antique Product Animation) for a more detailed comparison of this scene using both Unreal’s path tracer and with RTX lighting.


Greetings @LTowers95 !

Thank you for sharing your imaginative cinematic with us! I certainly appreciate the level of detail and the “spice and style” you’ve put into your project. :wink: The shots taken are beautiful!

I’m imagining getting ready for an adventure… It’s 1939, and the urge to explore has overtaken me. While my family is entertaining guests in the parlor, I direct my attention to the attic. As I climb the stairs to the attic, I grow more and more excited to find whatever has been brought up there and forgotten. Upon opening the attic door, I discover a leather trunk. It is shining in the sunlight beaming down through the single attic window. I approach the trunk with drunken curiosity. I slowly open it with a creak of the hinges.
Within it, I find a camera, reflective sheets, a signet ring, a finely crafted brass compass, a single key, enigmatic golden coins, a custom made lighter, a telegraph key, and a pair of worn dice.

Excited to find such a stashed treasure, I turn on the radio sitting on a heavy wooden table. The Ink Spots “If I Didn’t Care” fills the attic space with melodious wonder. I spread the found items on the table. Then a thought comes to me, “There must be more treasures up here!” I rummage through boxes, and look under sheets draping unused furniture, eagerly looking for whatever I could find that would prove useful. In my exploration, I find a pocket knife, coffee beans and a mug, a lantern, and rope. I add these items to the table and stand back to take an inventory of my discoveries. Yes, I am ready for an adventure!

Thank you so much for taking my imagination for a ride! I must ask, how did you decide on which items to choose for your animation?


Thank you so much @Get_DOVAH_it ! That’s a very poetic interpretation!

As for choosing what items to add to the scene – it was part practicality with regards to scene optimisation – no nanite here because I was using fully RTX lighting – so I had to pick and choose my high-poly assets carefully – and optimise the poly count for the rest – de-meshing and re-meshing as needed - and partly because some things just fit the vibe of scrounging around an old thrift/vintage shop and finding cool things!