How to permit UE4 to use more RAM?

Howdy! Are there any hard limits on the amount of RAM UE4 can use? If so, can those limits be increased? I’ve seen some .ini settings for UE3 / UDK that did this, but can’t find similar settings for UE4.

I’m working on a project where the machines we’re deploying to all have the same build, and can definitely afford to spare >8GB of RAM for UE4 alone. However, UE4 seems to be limiting itself to around ~3GB, which is seemingly causing hitching from loading / unloading static meshes and materials. I know the typical solution to poor performance is to attempt to reduce memory footprint, cache thrashing, etc, but since we can afford to push the RAM usage up, it’d be good to try that as well :slight_smile: The idea being to minimise runtime mesh loading from SSD to RAM (or would RAM to VRAM be the bottleneck if total VRAM < total size of static meshes?).

I’ve been noticing the same thing. and my packaged games don’t use much ram at all to keep the frame rates up. at least not when using dynamic lighting. which is really odd since my game 7 days to die uses a lot of dynamic meshes with very little bottle neck(which i assume is because they rely more on ram). Is there a way we can force unreal to use extra ram(i think the programmer’s term is pointers) for dynamic lighting and anything else we would need? and yes i’m more into blueprints but if anyone can clarify please do as from my personal experience my computer runs a lot of other high demand games much better then ones i make with ue4.