How to permanently scale models from asset packs?

How can I permanently scale models bought as .uassets - for which I don’t have sources (FBX files etc). I can’t scale them on import as I’m not importing them. There is also an option in Mesh Editor->LOD0->Build Settings->Build Scale - but it only affects LOD0. Maybe it affects generated LODs too, but I have proper LODs already and I don’t want to generate them. I also don’t want to scale each instance of given mesh on the level for many reasons.

Export the mesh, then set the source path anew and import it under scaled import settings. Alternative, use Blender to scale the model.

Are there better alternatives? Exporting and re-importing is time consuming, error-prone and may lead to data loss. I would probably prefer to write a re-scaling plugin then. But can it really be that bad?

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It’s not time consuming at all to export FBX files, fix the scale, and then re-import.

Thank you for your answers. I’m trying to use export/import to FBX, but it messes my material slots.

I tested two methods: 1) export/import, 2) export, modify original’s mesh source file, re-import.

Both methods break existing material slots (remove assignment to triangles) and add new ones (named like materials). Last LOD (billboard) looses its material slot and doesn’t get replaced with anything.

I’m trying to work out a better way or write code to make that process faster and correct. But it’s not fast at all. 3-5 min per mesh to re-scale is a lot of time when you work with hundreds of meshes.

For anyone looking this up like me, the best method I found was opening the asset in the asset editor, bottom of Details>Import Settings>Transform>Import Uniform Scale. Changing that, then pressing reimport base mesh at the top left of the editor (or reimport base mesh+LODs)

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Hiya, how am I able to completely scale models offered as .Uassets - for which I don’t have assets (fbx documents and so forth). I will’t scale them on import as I’m no longer uploading them. There is additionally an option in mesh editor->lod0->construct settings->build scale - but it simplest influences lod0 Software Companies In Pakistan. Perhaps it impacts generated lods too, but I have right lods already and I don’t want to generate them. I also don’t want to scale every example of given mesh on the level for lots motives.