How to perfectly align objects w/o aligning to grid

Hello, I am unsure if this is the right place to post or if this has been posted before (although I checked for a bit). Basically, in CAD programs like PTC Creo and Autodesk Inventor, there are things called constraints that create relationships between 2 points, for example, clicking on one object and setting it to another could allow for them to be locked in as parallel, perpendicular, etc. One constraint is the coincident, which basically puts one object right next to another on the face that was selected.

I am wondering if there is anything of the sorts in Unreal Engine, as I am creating a map in which some items have to be right next to each other. The issue is that I cannot use the grid as the edges are less than 1 unreal unit. This means that I cannot simply snap to the grid.

Example of the description above:

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I don’t think there is. Obviously you have the grid, I also noticed:


which turns on surface snapping. I certainly does something, but I think it’s more for moving multiple object to the nearest large surface, like a wall or floor ( try it with more than one selected ).

Ah, but… :slight_smile:

In editor options, you can define new grid snapping options, search for grid sizes. I just added .05 as a snapping option.