How to pause then continue installing UE 5 next day?

Hi all,
I’m new here and would like to ask if there’s a way to download/install UE 5 day after day, as I’m located in an area where internet connection is low and there is electricity outage. I need to install a part, pause, then resume next day. I tried to do it, but while trying to resume it’s restarting all again and asking for the folder to be empty, so the part I downloaded I shall download it again. Any suggestions.

Thanks in advance

It has a pause button in the game launcher.

Hey @Elie_Kh! Welcome to the Forums!

Here is the visual representation of what @ClockworkOcean has explained:

Good luck during your installation!

The same thing is happening to me, I don’t know if it’s a bug or something…
Hope it gets fixed ASAP

Hi ClockworkOcean, and thanks for your reply. I know about the pause button, but if I pause it, then I restart my PC, then came to resume it, it ask to install again from the beginning, it notify me that the folder is not empty (sure because it has what I already downloaded before the pause) and it didn’t continue until I delete what’s in the folder, so I delete and then the install start again from zero. Do you know if there’s a UE5 like torrent maybe?

Then I’m assuming you need to keep your PC on ( I don’t know how it manages the pause ).

The only other place I know is github, but then you need to compile it yourself.

The electricity outage is for hours, I can’t keep it on for that much time, I’m checking the github and I’ll go this way if no other solutions are available. Thanks :slight_smile:

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Good luck. If I pause the install it restarts from the beginning as well. I’m also having a heck of a time downloading. Every speed test and other download will run over 12MB/s but the 5.0.3 and 5.1 preview start of at that speed then after about 8% or so drop off to 500kB/s.

I’m trying to find a torrent to download it instead, if I find one I’ll post the link so you can pause and resume if needed.

Do you know how we can reach their dev team maybe they can suggest us a solution?