How to pause or idle an animation?

Hey Angelocracy,

You can open a door very simply by using Blueprints, or using Matinee and Blueprints. Unless you’re doing something much more complicated with door’s motion, there’s no reason to use animation.

There’s a great Blueprint door setup in Content Examples project, and a short description of it here:

For another look at opening doors, this tutorial features an automatic sliding door but could be converted to a swinging door with a little Blueprint work:

Another very easy way to set it up is using Matinee. Create a Matinee that opens door. Then create a Trigger Volume around door. In Level Blueprint, set up something like this:

You also have a Pause node for Matinee if you need it, but something like this would make it unnecessary.

For animations, there is a Pause node you can use in AnimGraph. Again, this isn’t an ideal way to deal with simple movements like a swinging door.

Hope this helps!