How to pause or idle an animation?

How would I go about pausing an animation? I want user to click a door so that door opens then pause animation so that it doesn’t randomly shut on player when he is trying to enter. I want him to close it back.


I would like to know proper way as well.

What I have now is an anim montage where I manually put a section that repeats infinitely at end of sequence.

Hey Angelocracy,

You can open a door very simply by using Blueprints, or using Matinee and Blueprints. Unless you’re doing something much more complicated with door’s motion, there’s no reason to use animation.

There’s a great Blueprint door setup in Content Examples project, and a short description of it here:

For another look at opening doors, this tutorial features an automatic sliding door but could be converted to a swinging door with a little Blueprint work:

Another very easy way to set it up is using Matinee. Create a Matinee that opens door. Then create a Trigger Volume around door. In Level Blueprint, set up something like this:

You also have a Pause node for Matinee if you need it, but something like this would make it unnecessary.

For animations, there is a Pause node you can use in AnimGraph. Again, this isn’t an ideal way to deal with simple movements like a swinging door.

Hope this helps!

i want to ask How to stop a animation by using blueprint , when a animal walk attack ,then it be freeze ,it should keep pose which when it freezing not by C++ ??

did you ever figure this out?

actually you can set a parmater called “play rate” in animation blueprint

I use “Global Anim Rate Scale” node to freeze my animation in place. But one thing is unclear to me is name “global”, because that node only freezes one character in level.