How to pause character movements

Hello everyone. Screen shot attached. What I want to happen is when the G key is fired off, and the camera scene takes effect as seen in the blueprint, I have a montage hooked up playing a spell animation. I want to be able to stop the playermovement and the enemy movement. The enemy movement is the code with selected targets. So what ever is selected as a target I need that enemy to stop as well for a couple of seconds while the animation of the spell casting plays.

I know I have to use a delay but am not sure how to get the player or the enemy to pause?

So what happens is the G key is pressed the follow camera changes to another camera, than a montage is being played on the player character casting the spell. This is where I need the character to stop moving when that spell casting montage fires off along with the enemy that is selected. Than say 2 seconds later movement is allowed again.

Any idea?

Custom time dilation might be useful here:
per actor time dilation

Another alternative might be to get the character movement component and call disable movement, and re enable after delay, but depending on your animBP your enemy anims might need to be rethought

What is about to set Boolean and a Branch?