How to pause and resume a sound when an event occurs?

I could not find a resume or unpause node. I want to make it so when an event occurs a sound will play, and when said event stops the sound will pause. And also when said event occurs again, the sound will resume or continue from its previous end point. How do I do this?

anything for resuming sound after pausing?

you need to spawn sound first, then you can pause, play, etc:

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Works now, just had to hook up the “play” to an event begin play and have the pauses on a separate event.

That ‘etc’ you mention, would seem to include ‘resume’… Any info about that etc? Is there an Unpause, Resume or similar node that will do what the OP asked?

I can’t believe the accepted “ANSWER” is that one must Play a sound before they can Pause it. Was that “answered” on April Fools day, or??? Painful…

Yes with this answer we are only able to play and pause , where are unable to play it form where we paused it

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Then it is the sound is not “paused” it is stopped. This thread does not have the answer for play, pause and resume.

SetPaused works as expected (at least 5.2). with Pause flag enabled - pauses audio component, and without this flag resumes from place where it was paused.

The sound is paused. Uncheck the Pause box. This works to resume.


its works fine and its analog of pause. Sound continue from pause. THX YOU BRO