How to pause a sequence on last frame?

Hey guys, so I am trying to use a sequence to transition from the main select screen to the pick a character screen in my game. When I click “play game” widget, the camera slowly rolls to the characters (located in the same level) and I would like for the camera to freeze right on the last frame (the characters). However, it goes back to the original frame once the sequence has finished playing. How can I get the sequence to stop on the last frame? Or is there a better way to do this, while still keeping that nice cinematic transition from main screen to characters?

@Earthsmash you might want to try an Event inside the sequencer…

You might be able to pause the sequence at an event point thru blueprints.

You might want to set the transform track of the camera to “Keep State” when it reaches the end. Here’s how to do that:

If you’re animating an actor instead of a camera, you need to right-click on any of the tracks (Transform, Rotation) and then you can set the “When Finished” to “Keep State”.