How to pass variable from one blueprint to another

So i’ve come into a problem with the blueprints system.

In Unrealscript I passed these variables to my gameinfo class and used them from there.

My current issue is i’m trying to make my volume set a variable to 1 on overlap with the character and 0 on non-overlap.
Then pass that variable over to my MyCharacter blueprint which will then be used to do a compareint. If it turns back equal, carry on… if false do nothing.

I’ve looked up several things on Interfaces but it seems like there is something I am missing. It’s probably one of those things where I’m looking at it wrong, so I come to ask whomever can explain it best!

Found a solution.

By dragging from my
“OnComponentBeginOverlap: Over Actor”
pin I was able to select ‘Cast To
MyCharacter’. From there I dragged
from the “As My Character C” to "Set
". This allowed me
to change the variable in
“MyCharacter” when my volume blueprint
was overlapped.

To add onto your discovery.

Another way is creating a BluePrint specifically for holding certain global variables. This would allow all your BluePrints to access one class creating ease of access. Unless the certain variables are character unique, then your method fits well!