How to pass the vector position of an actor to an AI controller?

Hi everyone !

I have a level where I placed an actor blueprint, it is a simple sphere with a trigger making it disappearing when the AI walks on it.

My goal is to send the vector position xyz of that sphere to my AI controller and being able to connect the data to the move to location > dest pin.

So when I move the sphere in the editor, it will update the “move to location” of the AI controller.

How can I do it ? I haven’t find any clue.

Thanks in advance.

Here you should get the workflow !

I know this video, but it doesn’t explain how to send a vector data to an AI Controller…


This is my AI Controller, I want to replace “make vector” with my sphere actor position. But i don’t know how.

Someone helped me.
For the devs who want to know: you need Get Actor Of Class → make an array → use “for each loop”, then you can get the actor location.

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