How to pass the ball to AI and then control that AI

So far in my rugby league game, I have made the player be able to pick up the ball. I want to have 13 players that I can pass to but the all have to be behind the character with the ball. When I pass it to them, I then want to be able to control that player with the ball. I understand this isn’t easy and I need a bit of help just making a basic rugby passing system. To pass left the button should be “Q” and right should be “E”. The controls for controller should be the left and right bumpers.

Hey @Miker2341!

The node you’re looking for is “Possess”, passing in the player controller. Here’s some documentation to get you on your way!

How can I make the follow me in a straight line and only switch to the player to the left or right of me

Yeah that’s gonna be a whole system, depending on what it is you’re going for. Do you want them to just move in a constant left/right formation? What kind of game is it you’re going for?

For an actual rugby, you’re definitely going to need this: