How to pass Material Layer Instances to Blueprint as variables

Which variable type is available for Material Layer Instance?

I see there is “Material Function Material Layer” class but it only allows “Material Layer” but not “Material Layer Instance”.
There is also “Static Material” type but that is for “Material”. Far difference from “Material Layer (Function)”.

The goal is switching a Layer Parameter between several pre-set Material Layer Instances which are inherited from a master Material Layer.
But I can’t find the proper type and node for them. Nor Google has any example for this.
Could anybody share a name or keyword to search? Thanks

Updated Finding:

I found a node names “Get Parameter Info”, which has a Layer Parameter slot allows me to link a Material Layer Instance into blueprint.
But this link could not be promoted to variable.

The only available input from this slot is a node which get a Row Handler from a Data Table.
Is Data Table the right way to introduce Material Layer Instances?

However, I couldn’t find a proper structure for Material Layer when creating Data Table asset.
There is only one structure could be searched by keyword “material”. Yet it only contains Material and Material Instance.

Does anybody know which structure is the right choice? Thanks

Not sure if I should use Data Table. I’ll keep looking tomorrow morning.

Epic forgot about "Material Layer Instances (Material Function Material Layer Instance) as variable type. I just programmed here cool transitions between materials and have a very elegant solution with material layers in my BP but CAN’T make arrays variable out of it!!!

Hey have u found any solution for this issue, i also needed to pass material layer as a parameter and use them in widget blueprint. So that giving user the access to change them. Reply will be a big help. Thanks.