How to pass input to overlapping UI (or detect joystick taps)?

I’m trying to make a Top-down Mobile Shooter game, like Brawl Stars, but I’ve hit a block when it comes to Brawl Stars’s Auto-Aim/Quickfire functionality. Originally, I set it up to detect how far the virtual joystick is moved before being released and decide whether to aim or quickfire, but when I tested it, I found that the joystick events don’t trigger when the joystick is just tapped.
To work around this, I made an invisible button across the right-hand side of the screen, which would trigger the quickfire. when I did this, however, either the activation area for the joystick blocked the button, or vice-versa.
Is there any way to either (a) send touch input to both the Touch Interface and an overlapping widget, or (b) get a tap event for a virtual joystick?