How to parent/bind/socket meshes to bones (without shifting position)?

I have placed a variety of geometry meshes in my Metahuman BP character, and am trying to figure out how to have them stick/parent to the head bone.

I have looked into Sockets and Binding. Sockets are almost what I want but once I click it my mesh shifts over far away. Obviously to do with the bone location versus object position.

Is there a way to attach to a socket but maintain it’s point in space? Or is there another approach I should try?

Hey Josh,
I think you could just use the same approach as you would use to add a weapon in your hand for a game, there is some great sources out there that go in a lot of detail about this, I found this video, this might be helpful for you! Hope this helps!

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Hi KV, thanks so much for sharing a video. I believe I watched that video already and am finding myself in a catch because I did things in the wrong order.

Is there a way to attach to a socket and maintain their current world (or otherwise) position?

As soon as I attach anything to a socket the mesh snaps to a relative position far and away from where i had placed it. Since I have lots of meshes to individually snap to sockets it is a challenge to reposition them manually by eye.

I will try putting all of my meshes as a child of one mesh, then attaching that to a socket and manually repositioning (hopefully) the entire stack at once. This could be a workaround.

Thank you again. If any tips come to mind send along :slight_smile: