How to paint emissive material to character's skin?

Hi. I want to paint a sort of neon tattoo on my character, but I couldn’t figure out how. I looked for an emissive material in substance painter, but couldn’t find one. (maybe just because I’m new to the program?)

I know how to create an emissive material in UE, but not how to blend it with the existing material for my character’s head. I know you can use a mask to combine two textures into one material, but that would only work if the texture itself was emissive. To further complicate things, I imported my character from Character Creator 4 and I can only find the material instance for my character’s head in the content browser, not the base material.

Any ideas? There has to be some solution.

Hey @VentarTheBard!

This looks like a job for a Decal!
Make your decal, and it can handle emissive materials just fine! Then you’ll add it to your Actor, not your skeletal mesh, as a child of your skeletal mesh.