How to package unsupported plugin?

Hi friends!

I’m having a problem and really could use some help.
I’m using a plugin for UE4 4.25 and it works as intended. I want to use this in 4.26 but there is only support up to 4.25 with this plugin. When I start my project it prompts that this built for 4.25 and asks if I want to load it anyway. When clicking yes everything loads and no problem, it still works, BP’s are fine and everything.

But when I try to package the project it starts of with warnings about different paths to certain files, involving the plugin. After the warnings I get ALOT of errors about nodes missing pins and using non-existing pins etc. I’ve tried rebuilding the project with VS2019 and the build succeeds, but still the same errors.
The plugin works, and the nodes inside the Level BP compile and I get no errors about anything inside the editor. The errors occur when cooking inside the editor, so there is something going wrong there. My guess is that the warnings with paths leading to files not being found cascade to the errors I’m getting.

Please! Is there a way around this?

In addition: I’ve done all the solutions suggested in the log, like removing links and refreshing nodes, but the errors persist.
Maybe it’s because it’s a persistent level he he he jk.

I’m dealing with this exact same issue, did you ever find a solution?

I found some help on the unreal discord… you can change the “EngineVersion” in the .uplugin to match the version you are using exactly and it wiill package.