How to package UE 4.27 android game for Play Store with aab <150MB

Hello! I am trying to split my 400MB android game to an abb<150MB and pak files. While packaging is implemented fine for windows, the android export results to a single abb (and an apk connected to an obb). Please can you help me?
I have enabled Google PAD, and i have given chunk ids to map and meshes. but paks are generated only for windows, so maybe a wrong checkbox in android project settings? :frowning:

Oh i figured that the pak files are not saved in the output folder that you save aab. It is saved in
But now i am anxious to see if i just upload them to play store and that’s it, or i should also upload a manifest or something like that, so they can cooperate all files together…
So good luck, if someone has done it, maybe it would be nice to read your experience…

Still no response from someone and while searching i wonder if the expansion files for a big android upload to Google play store should be *pak or *.obb. Furthermore the playstore help section is responding by just sending to me the old documentation which is not valid… I guess my christmas game will be uploaded for next christmas… :frowning:

So if someone has the same problem, i would like to inform you that
A. you have to enable the Google pundle plugin,
B. disable the “package into apk” in project settings → android
Select to have as export aab extension.
So with this way the packaged *.aab file can be larger than 150mb, and still play store will accept it.
The only warning (but still the app is accepted and published) will be “This App Bundle contains native code, and you’ve not uploaded debug symbols”. Unfortunately i can not find unreal engine documentation for this…and the other problem is that if you d like old phones to play your game and decide to select sdk 27 in project settings,you will have new warnings in play store, concerning api compatibility. Still your app will be published,but these problems should be discussed in the forum…
A little depressed for nothing being answered from noone,and strangling alone for a month,for a problem of 2wrong checks in project settings.