How to package props for marketplace


First post, so apologize if it is covered somewhere, I read through the support pages and had a run through the forum here but could not find this answer, though it must be a common one.

I’m new to UE4, coming across from Unity and I’m looking for the process to export a level for submission to the market place. Is this done through the editor? I’ve read the guide lines, but they discuss more the “what” and not the “how”. I see in the file menu “Package Project”, I’m just not sure what is the right approach.

In Unity you could test what you have exported by creating a blank project and importing the package to ensure you have included everything, etc.

Thanks for any assistance.


Hi Matt,

The most straight forward method is to create an empty project, name it after your pack’s name. Then the project will automatically create a folder call ‘Content’ in the project directory.

Import and put all your assets into the content folder (you can do this by importing assets in content browser in editor).

Place all your asset into an empty scene if you want to construct a demo level. Save your scene files within the content folder.

You need to submit the whole project folder to marketplace, assume it is how you submit the ‘package’ in Unity. Just make sure the ‘backup’ folder is clean before you submit, otherwise all the unnecessary auto-save files will increase the file size.

Go to the marketplace section on your account page to submit a form abot your asset information and screenshots for Epic internal review and public voting on Trello. You don’t have to upload any actual content until you pass the public vote, and Epic will contact you to upload them for final testing.

This is how the submission pipeline works at the moment as far as I know.

Hope this help :slight_smile:

Hi Rogzlu

Thanks for walking me through that. It’s a great help.


I have the same question, very helpful, thx :slight_smile: