How to package just the map?

Updating a map to our SVN is messing things up and it would be ideal to package the map so the coders can do this testing.

What would be nice is if migrating a package could be consolidated. IE put every thing into a Map_name_test folder

Unfortunately it’s not possible to just package the map, because it will also include the assets which are placed in the map -> how exactly does it look like after you have updated your map to your SVN? As long as you keep the folder structure, everything should work fine. :slight_smile:

My team and I sometimes do it like that -> we just select the folder in which all the assets + maps are -> put it into a .rar file -> upload it -> download it -> extract

At the moment we are still figuring out the best way of doing things as we plan on allowing 3rd party maps so the ideal would be to structure things more or less along the same lines that a map would be a project on to it’s self.

Currently we are running two SVN’s, one for the game proper and another for core assets, with the idea of sharing assets as we build and keeping a clean working build as to the needs of the coder. Structure as to the game proper is much along the same lines as used by Epic, at least in how the sample files are, but adding environments as works in progress tends to bloat as each mapper tends to use their own structure as to whats needed for their map.

Not the most ideal but we have a lot of content that needs to be converted over to UE4, which is project based, and the size of our team makes things like sorting to avoided something like duplication rather difficult.

So an idea that would work both for us as well as 3rd party maps is to just work the map as a separate project and then consolidate, level > migrate, to a unique folder under the game proper, environment > map > mymap. The downside is of course duplication but is a problem we are willing to live with for now and to defer it as a problem of distribution as part of the 3rd party effort.

P.S. Yes we have looked into source control.