How to package game with plugins right way?

I’ve spent few hours trying to package my game right way. Unfortunately, I’ve met some strange issues with it.

How to package own plugins the right way? I have plugin with custom actor component, that added to blueprint actor on my map. I’ve tested two variants:

  1. Plugin added to game project and turned on. It can be used in editor now and it works as it should without packagin. But despite I can see its content among packaged files, the desired component doesn’t work in packaged game.

Is it expected behaviour of plugins system?

  1. Plugin was added into “PublicDependencies” of the game project. It works okay now while game is packaged in Development mode, but when I’m trying to build the game in Shipping mode I get:

What can be a problem with it?

P.S. - Also I’ve found that content from plugin won’t work in packaged game. I know that this feature is not fully implemented yet, so JFYI.

Solved. It was ‘;’ missing after DECLARE_LOG_CATEGORY_EXTERN - it failed the shipping build.