How to Package a Single Level of a Project

Unreal Frontend gives you a lot of options for packaging and launching. It’s in the engine files. One of the options is for the levels that will be included, as well as what is the first level to appear when you load it.

For the second part of your question, I would recommend moving those assets out of the project temporarily while you do testing on your specific levels. You can find them in your project’s file directory and just move then somewhere until you’re ready to throw them back in. I’m not aware of any way to package it with specific assets without just… making them not there lol

Hello there,

For quite some time I have been fooling around with the engine all under a single project, just to avoid having to import assets to multiple different projects. Now I’m ready to package a single level of the project for a class project, but I’m not quite certain how to do so.

Is there are way to only package a single level of a project? Or would it be better to somehow copy the single level and its assets into a new empty project and then package that?

Advice would be greatly appreciated!

I suppose I have an additional question:
When doing a test package of my game, it seemed like all of the assets in the project, even the ones not present in any of the levels, were being packaged with the project. Is there a way to package a project only with the items that are actually used when playing? Is there any way I can combine this with my above request?

Thank you for your response, MischievousExplodingSun! I’ll have to look into how to use Frontend.

Because I’m still somewhat of a beginner, what exactly do you mean move them out of the project temporarily? I migrated essentially all assets from all project into this one project to I could access any model or material at any time, and I’m afraid to lose this stuff as it took a lot of effort to migrate. Is there any safe method for removing these assets temporarily, and then restoring them later?

I really appreciate the help.

Haha nice, I think I’ll use that name for my alter ego!

You can move the assets you don’t want packaged into a folder or folders, and then go to your project directory and just move that folder or those folders somewhere out of the project files. Just make sure these assets aren’t being referenced by any processes. You might get an error that the files can’t be found but you can just slap em back in when you’re ready and you’ll be good to go. The error isn’t gonna do anything, so don’t sweat it. Again, make sure these assets are not being referenced in any projects.

Interesting. Thank you again for your reply.

Now because this project is my mess around project, I have wayyyyy more assets in it than I am using in this one important level. Way more.

If it’s possible, it may be more efficient to transfer the level and all of its contents to a new project. Do you know if there is a simple way to do this?

The map is very easy to transfer; you just slap the umap file into the project’s map folder. Transferring the assets quickly… I would imagine you could copy them into the project’s file directory. You could probably just copy the entire folders over. I haven’t done this myself, and I’m out of town, so I’m unable to give you a solid answer on whether the assets would retain their import settings (they probably would). The good thing is, no harm in testing it out! If the copied files or new project are wonky, that’ll tell you that you have to reimport them manually.

Interesting idea. What I’m going to try and do it duplicate the project, delete all of the other maps in the new duplicate, and then just go through and delete all of the unused assets from the other map. I’ll update on its success!