How to package a project without needing Visual Studio?

I have an incredibly simple scene. It’s not a game, it’s just an environment with static meshes and a couple particle systems. There’s not actually any functionality. I started the project from a completely blank Film template, and now when I package for Windows so that I could send it to other people to look at and test, it immediately fails because I don’t have Visual Studio.

I know that this is a C++ versus blueprints thing, because when I test it out creating a new First Person template with blueprints selected, that packages fine.

How can I basically turn off the need for C++ code in my project to allow this to build?

Did you add plugins? Often they will have this effect…

The only plugin that I enabled that wasn’t on by default was the Datasmith Importer. I suppose I can go through every plugin that is in the First Person template that worked and compare it with my project.