How to package a project for mobile device


How do I send or package a game for mobile device?
I was able to package the project for Android. But how do I make it so that it can be played on the mobile device?
After packaging, it created 4 files (apk,windows batch files x 2, obb)
I doubt that I can open these files on the phone.

My goal is to send the project to my client so he can open it on his phone with one touch.
How do I make it so that it’s playable on anyone’s phone?

Thank you so much!!

This has all the details you need. Since you’re not distributing the apk through some online store like FDroid or Google Play, putting it on a device requires “side-loading”, which needs to be enabled in the developer settings of the device.

After that, the device can either install the .apk directly by transferring the apk and obb files to the device, or you can use ADB on a computer to install the app on the device.


First of all, thank you so much for taking your time and answering my question.
However, the solutions you provided seem to require changing settings on the phone.
My goal is for my customers to open the file(I have no idea what format) so they can play on the phone.
I want to email or wetransfer the file to them so they can open the game on the phone.
I don’t want them to change any settings on the phone or install anything else.
Just like how you can open in the PC (double clicking on the file) or clicking ‘Install’ in PlayStore.
I need a simple viewing experience for my clients.
I hope these make sense.

Thanks again!