How to package a project for html5

Is there any tutorial regarding packaging projects for html 5…? Any step by step procedure would also help


The following provides you information on installing, packaging and deploying an HTML5 project on a Windows machine. If you’re working off of a Mac, please let me know if you run into any troubles. Here is our [HTML5 documentation][1] as well.

Installing SDK

  • Download Emscripten SDK and install it to C:\Program Files
  • Click Next on the Installation Options screen (leave everything checked).
  • One of the options given to the is “Add emsdk to System PATH”, which is checked by default.
  • What this does is automatically add an environment variable for Emscripten.
  • Click Install on the Installation Folder.

Environment Variables

  • Confirm the EMSCRIPTEN variable is set up by doing the following:
  • Go to System Information on your PC (Windows key+Pause Break).
  • Click on Advanced System Settings.
  • Click on Environment Variable.
  • Look under System variables
  • You’ll need to manually add the following four other variables:


  • value: C:\Program Files\Emscripten\emscripten\1.29.0 (or wherever emcc.exe is location)


  • name: LLVM_ROOT
  • Value: C:\Program Files\Emscripten\clang\e1.29.0_64bit (or wherever llvm.exe is location)


  • name: NODE_JS
  • value: C:\Program Files\Emscripten\node\0.10.17_64bit (or wherever node.exe is location)


  • name: PYTHON
  • Value: C:\Program Files\Emscripten\python\ (or wherever python.exe is location)

Visual Studio

  • Once all of your environment variables are in place, you will need to launch the GenerateProjectFiles batch file (located in the root of your build) again for HTML5 to show up as a build configuration.

How to Open a HTML file once you’ve packaged it 4.9 and Later:

  • Package the project for HTML5
  • Navigate to the folder where the packaged project was placed
  • Locate the HTML5LaunchHelper.exe file
  • Double Click the helper file
  • A DOS prompt/command window will open
  • Open browser being used for testing
  • Browse to location listed next to Starting Server at http://(machinename):8000

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Thank you for answering all these questions, please would you be able to explain the process of making html5 game work not only from local host but also from web?

That seems a big issue for many people…



Please submit a new question to Answerhub or the [Forums][1] if you have questions on how to upload a game to your web server.