How to package a plugin for Android arm64


I am trying to package a plugin for Android by going to Settings->Plugins and then clicking on package.

Due to some reason, it only creates armv7-es2.a.
It does not create arm64-es2.a.

Am i doing something wrong?

Please help.

I have the same problem with UE 4.20.3.

Even though I’ve edited the project settings to specify only arm64 as supported for android armv7 is the built config when packaging the plugin. I looked through the C# source for UAT and didn’t see anything promising.

The UBT has a -arm64 argument it accepts for specifying architecture. Tried adding that argument to RunUAT.bat when manually generating plugin but that had no effect.

After doing some digging figured out what is going on - when packaging a plugin a default project (HostProject) is created that just uses default build settings in the installed Engine\Config\BaseEngine.ini (e.g. C:\Program Files\Epic Games\UE_4.20\Engine\Config\BaseEngine.ini)

If all of your projects are going to have the same settings, just edit that file and change the default android build settings.
If the behavior you want is per project you’ll need to write a utility script that modifies and then restores that file.