How to package a game for actual shipping

Hi, I was just wondering how I could package my game for actual shipping. I know I can package the game but when I open the file that the game is contained in it asks me to install some things before I can open it (on a computer that doesn’t have UE4 installed). I would like to know how to package my game so once its submitted to a game website like “Game Jolt” players can download and play it right away, I wouldn’t like it for people to download the file and then have to install some other packages from UE4.

Thanks in advance.

Hello DW123,

The prerequisites that are included with a packaged game (if you have that setting enabled when packaging) just includes things that must be installed for most games and are usually installed automatically through platforms such as Steam when downloading/installing a game if you don’t have them installed. You can find a list of the things that are included in one of the answers on this post. If anyone downloads your game and already has all of these things installed, they won’t need to install the prerequisites but it would be best to include the prerequisites for when that isn’t the case. It wouldn’t be possible to run the game without these dependencies though.

So say I don’t have UE4 installed or steam or any other files (A fresh install of windows), if I downloaded a game, say from Game Jolt would it ask me install the required files before opening?

It would fail to open and you would need to install the Prerequisites. You can include information as to what sort of runtimes the project needs in a Readme file. This is standard practice. I haven’t tested it recently, but if I remember correctly it will give you a message related to needing to install the prerequisites as well.

OK, Thank You :slight_smile: