How to override values in character movement component from construction/event graph

Case of a simple character BP derived from character class. I have a few variables that deal with animations and one of them should be actually overriding the “Max Walk Speed” from the Character movement component (if I don’t want to remember setting both those to the same value).
No matter what I try, construction script, event graph, different ways to casting to character component, the casting fails and I can’t get to setting the “Max Walk Speed”.

One of the suspicious things I see is that character movement variables won’t show up in “My Blueprint” even if I turn on “Show inherited variables”, so I’m afraid there is something more complex going on with the character movement component then I’m aware of.

Any idea would be appreciated.


You need to call Character Movement var in order to call/set Max Walk Speed variable.

2015-01-05 21-40-33 NewBlueprint .png

Thanks, that worked. I didn’t notice that character movement component is represented by that variable.

I’m still getting my head around components, their variables and blueprint communication, casting and such, so it would be great if someone could explain the principal difference between how it works as posted by AlFlakky vs my initial experiments with casting to character movement component (I was trying to cast to charmovcomp inside the bp that had that component, from the cast I was able to pull the max walk speed variable, but cast never worked).