how to override UUserWidget OnPaint

How do i override this function?

it seems so simple in blueprints.

What ive tried-
void OnPaint(UPARAM(ref) FPaintContext& Context) override;

void OnPaint(FPaintContext& Context) override;

You don’t override OnPaint, you override NativePaint. See the UPROPERTY specifier called BlueprintImplementableEvent? That means this is a Blueprint-only function that cannot be implemented in C++. NativePaint is the C++ equivalent.

In general with UE source code, when you see a function DoStuff that’s a BlueprintImplementableEvent, you’ll likely find another function called NativeDoStuff which is the C++ equivalent. If DoStuff is a BlueprintNativeEvent, the C++ equivalent is called DoStuff_Implementation.

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Only just seen this now, figured this out eventually, Thanks! hopefully will help someone else.