How to overlay collisions to scene geometry?


In the snapshot there is a scene I am working on that is getting difficult to work with collisions. The Player Collision mode in the Viewframe shows a mess of lines and solid big blocks so it is difficult to work with it.

I use two types of collisions. Some objects that are placed in the scene one by one use its own collision. These ones appear as edge lines. Some other objects are placed through instancing in blueprints that create arrays of them. To optimize the collision calculation I am using blocking volumes for these, and they appear as solid pink volumes in the viewframe.

It is a nighmare to really know if a collision boundary is in the right place. Is there a way in UE4 to overlay the collision mesh on top of the scene geometry, using semi-transparent volumes, so it is easy to see if they are placed correctly? Or at least a way to see the collision boundaries in a better way than the present Player Collision mode?

It isn’t entirely useful, as it doesn’t allow you to translate your blocking volumes or other objects while seeing it, but I usually hit ‘play’ and then use the ‘show collision’ command in the console to visualise all collision as wireframes over the scene geometry.