How to optimize a game?


during the last weeks,
i saw sometimes the problem, that my game character (first-person-blueprint-template) just stucks
a little bit within his walking.

is this an question of my textures (substances4k), meshes (they are game optimized) or just an ue 4.6-problem?

in other words:

  • how can i optimize my game, that my character doesn´t stuck within his walking?
  • is there an check-tool inside ue4.6, which can show me the performance?

thank you very much (i know, i ask a lot… sorry for that ;/ )

greetz loopon

It actually depends on nearly everything (meshes, level, blueprint complexity,…) :wink:

Here you can get more information about performance + how to improve it:

once again:

THANK YOU :slight_smile: