How to open .umap file?

Start the Editor File → Open Level and select your *.umap file.
(Copy the map in the Content Folder [subfolder Maps] of your project)

So I have this .umap file how do I open it in Ue4.

But when I try to put the .umap file into content browser. It says that it cannot import such type of file. Please help.

Try putting the .umap file in the actual (not the editor one) content folder in your project directory.

Thanks! It worked.

thanks Dark-Lotus it worked…a los que hablan en español,lo solucione copiando la carpeta en el directorio del proyecto,osea no lo importe directamente al content browser porque tira error,como que el fomato no esta soportado .

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I have a little problem, becouse when I import it to the external folder, it appears to me in the project, but when I try to open it, the editor crashes

Anyone knows why could this happen?

Dark-lotus I dont know what to do, do you have a discord acc or something you can show me, im not really good at these things, PLS help me!

Oh my GOD, thank you!
I deleted my map in the middle of the night before a final project was due for my class and was having a straight up panic attack. you saved me <3