How to open the Magical property windows of a StaticMesh actor?

Ok, I am sarcastic here about the ‘magical’, but for more than 40 mins, I been trying all means to find the property windows of a Staticmesh Actor. (Spend 5 previous hours on a Sunday, hugely unproductive…, well its a learning process, but nevertheless frustrating)

I got this warning message, & found the ‘supposely’ solution in the doecument section. However, I just cannot find how to open the property windows of a Staticmesh Actor.

[Static Mesh Actor] : Static Mesh Actor has NULL StaticMesh property

This warning is caused when there is a Static Mesh Actor in a level with a NULL StaticMesh property. This can be a problem because the Actor exists and is using memory, but does not have a Atatic Mesh to actually draw. This warning is usually the result of creating a StaticMesh Actor without first selecting a StaticMesh in the generic browser. This warning can be fixed by first selecting a Static Mesh in the generic browser and then going to the StaticMesh Actor’s Property Window->StaticMeshActor Category->StaticMeshComponent->StaticMeshComponent Category to set the ‘StaticMesh’ Property.

So can anyone tell me how exactly do you access the property window. Is property window just the details or default setting panel? I doubt so, as StaticMeshActor catergory cannot be found in either.

I’m not 100% sure but I think this part is meant:

Check if a mesh is in that slot

Its hard to say. I did discovered the root of the problem, something to do with component adding in Blueprint. Thanks.

What was the solution to the problem? can you tell me please? i dont know what to do either. Thanks

Sorry to necro an old post,

I found a solution and am adding it here just in case anyone else searches this as i did.

Basically i added in some actors which i was still working on and deleted them to re-import the new ones.
When deleting the old actors, i just deleted the StaticMesh itself and not the ones i had in the level.
This seems to cause the ones in the level to lose their mesh but still remain in the level.
Hence each actor in the level that used that mesh will remain but will “disappear” as it has no StaticMesh to reference anymore.

This picture has 4 arrows pointing to the mesh that was deleted, the selected actor and it’s “floating” axes that remained after mesh deletion and the NULL (none) selected mesh in the StaticMeshComponent Category.