How to open the console in a packaged game?


I can’t find a way to open the console in a packaged game (UE 4.2). I set the console key in the project settings and it works in the editor, but not in the standalone game.

There is a way, right?

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I believe the console is stripped from the game if you use the Shipping build configuration when packaging your game. If you use the Development build configuration then you can still open the console using the ~ key (if that is the key you have setup). I was stuck on this issue for hours the other night when I couldn’t open the console to connect to a remote server. Then I realized it was because I used the Shipping build configuration. As soon as I switched the build configuration to Development it worked fine.

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That was it, thanks!


Is there any way of enabling the console in a shipping build?
I’ve already tried overriding some things in the playercontroller but i can’t get it to work.

Haha I’m glad I wasn’t the only one, who had this problem and took hours to figure it out.

Maybe they should but some info text in the Editor and I think at least some people will want a shipping version with console and/or commandline arguments.

It wouldn’t hurt to just change the config setting for shipping… ? right ?

I’m sure that is possible :slight_smile:

Does this mean we can’t have the console be shipped in a game except we use the dev packaging thingie? I don’t know the implications of it but maybe a “release” ship optimizes stuff or is it really irrelevant?