How to open(save) your ue5 level back in ue 4

Hi. I accidently opened my ue 4 project in ue 5 ver(not copy) and made some progress, saved couple of levels. And when i revert project to ue 4 ver, i can’t see levels saved in ue 5 ver. Is there some way to open it or save in ue4 format, like in 3ds max for example i can save my scene as a previus ver? Thank you.

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You could try to create a new UE4 project and use the migration tool to migrate your levels to the new project (from the ue5 one).

Converting in place is a really bad idea, btw.

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Didn’t work :frowning:

After you save it with ue5, there is no turning back. You can try reverting your changes with source control system that you use. If you’re not using it, I think that’s a good lesson learned for you unfortunately.

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^This^… Should be on a list of Top-10 Editor Mistakes to avoid. Converting in place has always been a gotcha of the engine (too easy to knee-jerk click). Source control / backups are a must ofc. But the warnings on this aren’t prominent enough arguably and UE5 EA means its a potential project killer. Epic should definitely highlight this better anyway. :wink: