How to open internet browser, This is UDK ! we have flash I am sure it is possible : P.

How to open internet browser, This is UDK ! we have flash I am sure it is possible : P. ???

I use this kismet Sequence Action to open the browser if it helps.

class KKR1SeqAct_LaunchURL extends SequenceAction

var() string URL;

event Activated()

ObjName="Launch Browser URL"
ObjCategory="KismetKit R1"

WOW, this is cool, I never Imagined you could access a website from inside UDK.

But how this works? It launches the user browser (Chrome, Firefox)? Can you specify an URL adress? Does it exit the game or opens inside the game window?

Could I make something like the player reaches a notebook on a table, then acess an Israeli Security System Network (I would create a website and host on my server), then he could hack the system?

Can it pass value back to UDK, just like Flash Scaleform?


I actually used it in this project 3:37 to see it in action.I just clicked a 2d image and from there I start the kismet sequence action node to open the url.
If i remember correctly,it was a simple kismet.You can specify in the kismet which page you want to open(copy/past the URL) and it just opens the browser with udk working.(not ideal hahaha) but it works.I think it opens the primary browser designated by you in windows.

I would suggest using the Steam browser instead of triggering opening the default OS browser. Mainly because UDK doesn’t like switching to other programs while in fullscreen mode, and the Steam browser opens in the Steam overlay, so is much smoother for the player.