How to open compact blueprint editor?

When I want to open blueprint it keeps opening it in the full size, but previously it did only the compact one with the values changing. I want to open the compact one again but it keeps opening the full sized one.

Anyone know a fix?

When you add things like variables or functions to a Blueprint it changes from a data-only blueprint to a full blueprint.
The compact blueprint editor only opens up if you have a data-only blueprint, so once your blueprint becomes a full blueprint (from you clicking “Open Full Blueprint Editor”) you can only edit it in the full blueprint editor, and you can never open the compact blueprint editor.

I am currently unaware of a method of changing a full blueprint back into a data-only blueprint, outside of using C++.

Hope this helps.

You will need to explain / show what you mean. What’s Compact Blueprint Editor? Which panels of a Blueprint show can be controlled from the Window dropdown. Perhaps you mean this: