How to open/close widget properly using button?

Hi all!
I’m having a problem with my widget. I set tab to open and close a widget menu with some options to change some textures. The problem I’m having is that when I press Tab without clicking on anything it works fine, the menu opens and closes the way it should. But when I open the menu and click on any of the options, the actions happen, I see the menu is working but if I press Tab right after clicking on any option the menu doesn’t close! Instead, it shows a box over one of the texts and if I keep clicking it keeps changing the element the box covers. I have to click somewhere else on the screen to finally get the menu to close pressing Tab again. How can I fix it?

Here’s my node setup for the menu.

And here how it looks like when I click on any option and try to exit the menu pressing Tab again.

I think it’s default engine behaviour, see:

Yeah, it looks like using tab isn’t the best idea for that. I tried other inputs and worked just fine. Thanks!

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