How to open and close doors with hand animation?

I want to open and close doors with my character’s hand.
How can i do it??

basicly create the hand and door(opening) animation(same frame range) using your 3d application, import them in unreal engine and use whatever node you need (press this button etc.) and youre good to go.

i suggest having the actual door mesh in your 3d scene for using as a reference while animating hand.

you might need to offset the door opening animation for x frames, meaning x amount of blank frames(the door stays still) for the hand reaching the door handle, twisting etc.

for example; lets say your hand animation is a total of 50 frames; 30 for reaching the handle, 10 for twist and 10 for pushing.
so the door should be; 30 blank, 10 handle twisting and 10 frames for opening.

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