How to open an other level with nDisplay

How to open an other level with nDisplay?
I have a try to input ‘Open xxx’ in console or use ‘Open Level’ in blueprint on Master machine, but all programs both on ‘Master’ and ‘Slave’ quit directly.

Is there a way to solve this issue?


Hey monkeykane! did you find any solution? I am facing the same problem.

Actually not yet.

I do not know if this solves the Issue. But try Level Streaming instead?

Thanks JourneylessHero.

I found there is a problem in NDisplaylauncher, when I used map name as parameter and put it in ‘Custom command line arguments’, It couldn’t work properly.

So I modified code, then if map name is put in ‘Custom command line arguments’, all the clients could load the map at same time when starting. It works well.

Hey monkeykane, I’am facing that problem as well, can u explain I little bit more how did u solve that? I couldn’t understand what did u do different.

Hi diego, there is a other trick. I use a single Program (what ever C# or other UE applications) to broadcast UDP message to Master and Slave nodes. Master and Slave nodes would receive the message at same time, then switch level at the same time as well in runtime. Mostly, all the nodes work normally.
I hope it’s helpful to you.

The last message, I’ve just modified the codes of NDisplaylauncher(UE4.20), to make sure I can configure map name in ‘Custom command line arguments’. Then Master and Slave nodes could startup with same map which I’ve configrued in NDisplaylauncher.

thanks for reply monkeykane, it looks like a advenced task hahaha thanks a lot!!